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    We strive to advance the semiconductor industry across EMEA, using insights from Taiwan’s success in this sector.

  • Empowering Nations, Shaping Futures

    Mission Statement

    SemiVentures is devoted to bridging the gap between Taiwan’s semiconductor prowess and EMEA’s diverse industries. Our mission is to kindle innovation, develop talents, and craft tailored semiconductor strategies, helping every nation harness the power of advanced chip design and AI. By fostering partnerships between industries, academia, and governments, we strive to open new opportunities, drive sustainable growth, and contribute to shaping visionary, inclusive and sustainable futures.


  • Our Objectives

    Develop the Industry

    Progress the semiconductor industry in EMEA, using Taiwan’s success, to foster talents and share knowledge.


    Encourage Innovation

    Fuel innovation in sectors such as AI, energy, medical, automotive, and space with semiconductor, while also championing innovations that lead the semiconductor industry towards net-zero.






    Stimulate Growth

    Assist nations in EMEA in developing and executing robust semiconductor strategies to ensure sustained economic and technological progression while diligently evaluating environmental implications.

  • Keys to Success

    • Collaborative Partnerships:

    Forming robust partnerships with governments, academia, and industries in EMEA and the Taiwanese semiconductor ecosystem to enable knowledge exchange and mutual growth.

    • Innovation and Excellence:

    Committing to innovation and excellence in semiconductor technologies to meet the diverse needs of sectors evolving with AI. We also pledge to drive innovation that aids in minimizing the environmental impact of semiconductors.

    • Tailored Strategies:

    Crafting semiconductor strategies tailored to the unique needs and goals of each nation within EMEA, while aligning with their net-zero targets.

    • Strategic Talent Development:

    Develop a diverse pool of talent in line with the country's semiconductor strategy, nurture entrepreneurship, and create jobs within the semiconductor ecosystem.

    • Initiate Industry leader dialogue:

    Facilitate crucial public and private meetings for industry leaders to exchange ideas and pursue collaboration opportunities for the benefit of the involved countries and the semiconductor industry.

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  • Our Business

    Co-founded by Josh Liu, the CEO, and chaired by ShaoLan Hsueh, we focus on nurturing talent, fostering innovation, and assisting countries in developing pivotal semiconductor capabilities to stimulate growth across diverse sectors while aligning with their environmental and sustainability goals.


    Consultancy and Strategic Deal Facilitation


    Talent Development and Training


    Corporate and Startup Innovation Incubation

  • SemiBraintrust

    Consultancy and Strategic Deal Facilitation

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    SemiBraintrust operates as the strategic arm of SemiVentures, offering consultancy services and deal-making solutions to nations and cities aspiring to develop their semiconductor ecosystem.


    By providing analysis, consultancy, and training and forging deals with key industry players, SemiBraintrust aims to facilitate the holistic and sustainable development of the semiconductor industry in various regions, emphasizing environmentally-conscious growth and net-zero targets.

    ❖Providing analysis and insights to help cities and countries develop robust, sustainable and environmentally conscious semiconductor strategies.

    Offering training and support to help nations build a competent workforce in the semiconductor sector.

    ❖Delivering comprehensive consultancy services for semiconductor industry development.


    ❖Facilitating strategic deals with key industry players to accelerate industry growth.

  • SemiAcademy

    Talent Development and Training

    SemiAcademy focuses on fostering talent and providing vital semiconductor knowledge and skills through adaptive training programmes. In collaboration with academic and industry leaders, we ensure our programmes are relevant, inclusive, and superior. We also provide job security through agreements with semiconductor companies in Taiwan and the region, offering a comprehensive learning and career pathway.


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    Conducting adaptable learning and development programmes in semiconductor technologies that align with the country's semiconductor strategy.

    Awarding certifications and career support to facilitate participants in securing opportunities in the semiconductor sector.

    Establishing partnerships with academic bodies and industry experts for programme excellence and relevance.


    Implementing inclusive talent strategies that focus on diverse backgrounds and the specific needs of the nation's workforce to unlock individual potential

  • SemiLabs

    Corporate and Startup Innovation Incubation

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    SemiLabs serves as an innovation powerhouse, incubating semiconductor-related or semiconductor-empowered innovations ranging from AI and bio to space and green technology.


    Leveraging Taiwan’s robust semiconductor ecosystem and EMEA’s R&D strength, we assist corporations in identifying complementary innovations to enhance their competitive edge. Central to our mission is promoting innovations that assist the semiconductor industry in achieving its net-zero objectives.


    Assist corporations in establishing innovation challenges and pinpointing emerging startup innovations to bolster their competitive advantages or to expedite their journey towards net-zero.

    Collaborate with countries to implement their semiconductor innovation strategy, encompassing accelerator programs and other related initiatives.

    Support startups in becoming production and commercially ready through our incubation and acceleration programs, providing essential resources and capital.

    Connect Taiwan’s formidable semiconductor ecosystem with potent R&D projects in EMEA, ensuring they are product and market ready.

  • Contact Us

    SemiVentures is currently in stealth mode. We value partnerships. If you see any opportunities for collaboration or if our services align with your interests, please leave us a message